Active Shooter Training

MORE THAN 2 MILLION AMERICANS REPORT BEING VICTIMS of workplace violence every year. In 2016, more than 16,000 incidents of ‘intentional injury by another person in the workplace’ were reported. Workplace violence is defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as “actions or words that endanger or harm another employee or result in other employees having a reasonable belief that they are in danger.”

Most facilities have policies in place outlining responses to different types of crises. Every business follows fire codes, and many have a response plan in place for critical incidents such as medical emergencies and elevator entrapments.

The same concept of writing policies, creating a plan, training staff, and then practicing these procedures should apply to identifying threats, disgruntled employees, and active shooter training. Going through an active shooter training for businesses and building a plan for this type of event is critical in protecting the workplace’s most valuable assets: the employees.

Iidon has associates with many years of Active Shooter Training experience that will help you navigate this training process. We employ former law enforcement personnel that can speak from real experience and help get your team ready for the worst-case scenario, an active shooter.

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