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/ˈaɪ dɒn/


Derived from the Old English, iidon means capable. A simple word encompassing everything you could possibly require of your security company.

Company Overview

Established in August 2000, iidon is a privately held corporation that began as a start-up operation and has experienced phenomenal organic growth without any mergers or acquisitions. iidon offers expertise in a variety of security applications, from high-rise office buildings to corporate campuses, High Tech and Energy. We pride ourselves on being a quality security provider capable of offering proven security solutions built around the needs and practices of each individual customer.

iidon has worked diligently to become a first-class security provider with exceptional customer service yielding extensive class “A” high rise and corporate campus experience. Our niche of blending security expertise with the service aspects of the hospitality industry has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing contract security companies in the Southwest.

iidon Security Associates provides premier security services catered to your company’s needs.

Our focus is to provide a greater range of services to our clients and their tenants. Our service structure offers distinct advantages beyond the traditional expectation of the security vendor. The programs and services we offer will definitively show that we strive to lead our industry by providing measurable results and security solutions that will provide you and your tenants Peace of Mind.

Proven Security Solutions That Deliver Peace of Mind

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