High Rise Security

Our team is encouraged to become an extension of your management team. We will ensure that our Associates impress your tenants, visitors and guests with their words, image and deeds. We will also make certain that we pay attention to the little things like turning off coffee pots to ensure that we protect your buildings assets.

Industrial Security

Understanding clean room environments and knowing Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) information is extremely valuable. Your security team has to be able to recognize potential hazards that exist and know how to properly respond keep employees safe. We understand that a proper response also include proper documentation in order to boost your safety records. Our Associates are trained to identify situations before they become critical and document information that keeps your operation running smoothly.

Corporate Security

Corporate campuses present unique challenges with multiple facilities having multiple entrances and exits. Paying attention to lights out in the parking lot, checking for unlocked doors and monitoring cameras all serve to protect the people and property at your facility. Our Associates know the importance of serving as highly visible deterrents. With our constant patrols we strive to be in the right place at the right time.

Residential Security

Our goal is to provide every client with "peace of mind." Whether the place you call home is a loft overlooking the skyline from a high rise or acreage with a gated community, let our Associates take care of the details that let you make you loft, apartment, condo or house into a home.