Our Services


Residential Officer

Knowing your Resident’s Needs

Residents that pay a premium price to live in your community want a security team that knows them by name as well as their pets, without getting too close. That sense of community and professionalism helps iidon succeed in many residential environments.

Serving with Urgency

Assisting residents with a sense of urgency is critical. Whether handling an issue with a guest, a loud music complaint, or passing on a message to the management team, your residents want to know their needs are being addressed in a timely manner.

Guest Relations Associate

A Guest Relations Associate will happily and confidently cater to the needs of the most discriminating resident while still delivering peace of mind. iidon recruits for these unique positions from the hospitality industry and layers security training over their concierge training.

Our clients trust our Associates to:

  • Control and monitor access to the property
  • Respond to medical and emergency situations
  • Render assistance including First Aid, CPR and AED
  • Implement emergency protocols including individual or mass evacuations
  • Receive and/or deliver parcels
  • Provide special concierge services

"We hold the iidon team in the highest esteem. Their employees are like a part of our own building team. We are fortunate to have a reliable security partner in our buildings." --CAPSTAR