About Us

About Us

Premier security services catered to your company's needs.

Established in August 2000, iidon is a privately held corporation that began as a start-up operation and has experienced phenomenal organic growth without any mergers or acquisitions. From our initial one-man post we have grown to over 70 accounts and nearly 500 dedicated security professionals. Our niche of blending security expertise with the service aspects of the hospitality industry has allowed us to become one of the fastest growing contract security companies in the Southwest.

iidon offers expertise in a variety of security applications, from high-rise office buildings to corporate campuses, gated communities, remotes sites, industrial complexes and churches. We pride ourselves on being a quality security provider capable of offering proven security solutions built around the needs and practices of each individual customer.

As many security companies have been acquired by outside owners in recent years, their ability to respond proactively to client needs has deteriorated. As a privately held company headquartered in Dallas, TX, iidon Security Associates is able to put customer needs above every other consideration. We enjoy our ability to make decisions that may have a short-term negative effect on our bottom line but that will enhance our value to our clients in the long term.

Over 225 years of combined industrial experience

Our management team of former federal law enforcement and military personnel have the expertise to deliver your security needs.

Mission Statement

iidon is home to security professionals respectfully serving each other and like-minded business partners.

We believe our security professionals are our most important asset, driving customer satisfaction and service quality. We provide our associates with quality work and environments that value their well-being, their diversity, participation and individuality.

Employee Promise

At iidon, our security associates are our most important assets.

By honoring the values of trust, honesty, respecting, integrity and commitment, we empower our associates to maximize their skills and abilities to benefit each individual and the company.

We support a corporate culture where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced, and individual aspirations are fulfilled.

Service Standard

To us, customer service means to exceed expectations and pay attention to details.

This principle is fundamental to everything we do:
We believe our two primary directives are to help our clients retain existing tenants and attract new ones.

Service Guidelines

  • Safety first
  • Eye contact & smile
  • Courtesy
  • Urgency-act with a sense of urgency in everything you do
  • Respond to service opportunities immediately
  • Image-your appearance is a reflection of your company
  • Treat each and every person with respect
  • Yes to excellence